McAfee Acquired Skyhigh Networks Completely

McAfee Acquired Skyhigh Networks – McAfee is an extensive standalone security tool which provides protection to your system from the outside threats and attacks. In order to provide the cloud protection, McAfee acquired SkyHigh Networks completely, which is an expert in cloud security. Skyhigh secures your data over all the cloud services in respect of the speed, and scale etc.

McAfee Acquired Skyhigh Networks

The acquisition of Skyhigh networks by McAfee security will make it a world’s leading cyber security company. Skyhigh is a global leader firm in the cloud access security broker market which may help enterprises to speed up their business. The Skyhigh security cloud offers the best technology and services to securely identify and protect the documents and user activities on any device over the cloud.

Skyhigh does not include a variety of products like any other company in the market. It includes the solution of every problem which could occur over the cloud and breach the security of your data on the system. Skyhigh can also resolve the most difficult issue of the customers and protects their data over the cloud. The main motive of the Skyhigh is to make the cloud very secure in every aspect so that you can opt for the cloud because of its secured nature.

After the acquisition of Skyhigh Networks, McAfee does not want any delay in the go-to-market strategy. To make sure that the strategy won’t delay, McAfee started focusing on to get the sales engineer enabled and trained quickly. The McAfee acquired Skyhigh Networks completely in order to fortify the cloud security provided by the McAfee security company. McAfee account will help you find out about your subscription details and features online. You can create McAfee account by visiting the link

Here are some points which help to know that why McAfee acquired Skyhigh Networks:

  • The Skyhigh Networks had raised funding of around $106 million, a year ago. And according to the most recent funding, it increased drastically and raised $400 million.
  • The McAfee and Skyhigh come together to provide more and better security services without compromising the quality.
  • Moving to the cloud, making the data more vulnerable to the hackers and malware. In order to make the cloud services more secure McAfee and Skyhigh comes together.

As you can see that there are several AI programs available in the market, which protects your data from the cyber attacks. Different kind of AI, data analytics, and machine learning are able to detect, track and stop the cybercrime attacks. Skyhigh Networks has the vision five years ago of making the cloud most secure environment for business and personal use.

As McAfee acquired Skyhigh Networks, it will speed up the Skyhigh’s growth on the global scale. Both the companies combined to provide the best solution using the leveraging technology and services over the cloud and endpoint services. McAfee’s endpoint security and Skyhigh Networks cloud security together create a world’s foremost cyber security company.

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